Oral presentations

All oral presentations should adhere to a 15-minute time limit. Following the presentation, there will be 5 minutes designated for questions. Because the meeting is multi-tracked and attendees will be moving from track to track, it is imperative that sessions remain on schedule.

The use of Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF is obliged to ensure compatibility with the computers at the venue. The use of personal laptop computers is not allowed.

Slide shows will be projected in 16:9 ratio. Slide sets in 4:3 ratio are accepted, but will not be projected optimally. A selection of presentation templates is available from this webpage for optional use.

The oral presentations are collected centrally. To ensure that the meeting runs smoothly, presentations will be loaded on the venue computers in advance. Therefore, the authors are urged to submit their presentations to the congress reception desk by noon of the day prior to their session. No edits or updates will be accepted the day of the session. A technician will be available to answer any questions.

Several conference sessions will be filmed. Footage shall be used for One Health Platform educational purposes only. Kindly inform the session chair if you object to being filmed.

CE accreditation

All authors of accepted oral presentations must include a disclosure slide (first or second slide) in their presentations.

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