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5th International One Health Congress - impression

Special Partner Session organized by the University of Edinburgh: A blueprint for a One Health nation - supported by SEFARI



IOHC18 Assessing the full economic value of vaccines in reducing AMR- Jonathan Rushton

IOHC18 Introducing emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases/The threat of Influenza Pandemic - Ab Osterhaus

IOHC18 Lessons learned from the H1N1 influenza pandemic: are we prepared for a new outbreak?- Theresa Tam

IOHC18 Avian Influenza Surveillance in Live Birds Markets in Thailand

IOHC2018 Challenges in Complexity: How Brucellosis Thrives in the Science-Policy Interface Space

IOHC18 Future Earth's Top Ten Challenges for One Health - Peter Daszak

IOHC18 The migration, climate change, and vector-borne disease nexus - Kanya C. Long

IOHC18 AMR containment and Prevention considering the Drivers of EID in Thailand- Suwit Wibulpolprasert

IOHC18 Communicating the evidence to policy makers and populations. Who is the right audience? - Mark Rweyemamu

IOHC18 Antimicrobial resistance: Canada's science and policy challenges - Aline Dimitri

IOHC18 The Nordic countries strategy for AMR:challenges at "high latitudes" for policy makers, scientists and society

IOHC18 WHO guidelines on use of medically important antimicrobials in food-producing animals - Scott McEwen

IOHC18 Trade Implications of Antimicrobial Resistance in the International Food Chain - Anna George

IOHC2018 First Nations of Canada and the One Health approach- Addie Pryce and Kevin McLeod

IOHC18 Africa CDC: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing One Health in Africa - Jay Varma

IOHC18 One Health, rabies response and more-than-human considerations in Indigenous communities in Northern Australia-Chris Degeling

IOHC18 Aligning Science and Policy in the Fight Against Emerging Infectious Threats -Craig Vanderwagen and Gerald Parker

IOHF19 opening statement- Dr Ogwell, Prof Osterhaus, Prof Mackenzie

IOHF19 Introduction of the Africa CDC Framework for National Public Health Institutes- Jay Varma

IOHF19 One Health Challenges of Zoonotic Diseases -Calvin Sindato

IOHF19 One Health, Challenges Zoonotic diseases -Irene Naigaga

IOHF19 Panel discussion: Framework for OH Practice in National Public Health Institutes: Zoonotic Disease Prevention and Control

International One Health Forum 2019 Conclusions and final remarks - Ab Osterhaus

Why is it important to test for COVID-19

IOHC2018 Quantifying the problem of antibiotic resistance - Jorgen Schlundt

IOHC2018 The role of diagnostics and viral vaccines in reducing antibiotic resistance - Jaap Wagenaar

IOHC2018The influenza case: a systematic literature review on the impact of influenza vaccination on antibiotic use - Ab Osterhaus

IOHC2018 Eradication of infectious diseases: past, present, future - Nick Juleff

IOHC2018 Strengthening global biological security - Trevor Smith

IOHC2018 Community-based surveillance for early detection of EID - Letrak Srikitjakarn and Esron Karimuribo

IOHC2018 Health emergency challenges from the animal health pharma perspective - Theo Kanellos

IOHC2018 Health emergency challenges from the human health pharma perspective - Brian Lesser

IOHC2018 Where we left off: main conclusions of the 2014 International meeting on the control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases - Mike Ryan

IOHC2018 Combating Neglected Zoonotic Diseases at the human/animal interface: an overview - Ab Osterhaus

IOHC2018 Challenges and opportunities to preventing and responding to outbreaks of helminth/bacterial/viral infections in livestock - Vivek Kapur

IOHC2018 Need to acquire community support to implementing effective control programmes - Helen Scott-Orr

IOHC2018 New World Screwworm Eradication in South-Florida - A One Health Success Story - Lisa Conti

IOHC2018 Rift Valley Fever as a public health emergency - Amadou Sall

IOHC2018 Ebola: What went wrong and where do we go now? - Simon Mardel

IOHC2018 How can we improve global response strategies? - Patrick Drury

IOHC2018 Can Rabies be eradicated by 2030? - Waqas Ahmad

IOHC2018 The Long and Hard Road to Evidence-Based Policy - Bonnie Henry

IOHC2018 Antimicrobial Resistance and One Health solutions - Joergen Schlundt

IOHC2018 Weapons Threat Reduction Program​ - Trevor Smith

IOHC2018 Objectives and achievements of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency​ - Lance Brooks

IOHC2018 CORDS: Empowering Communities for the Containment of Infectious Outbreaks through a Global Multidisciplinary Collaboration between Regional Networks - Christophe Longuet

IOHC2018 The Global Health Security Agenda - Outi Kuivasniemi

IOHC2018 Biological Threats: a global perspective - Rebecca Katz

IOHC2018 Biological threat reduction strategies - Keith Hamilton

COVID-19 Pandemic: Where do we stand? - Prof. Ab Osterhaus

IOHC2018 Vaccination and antibiotic resistance in developing countries - Mishal Khan

IOHC2018 One Health for a Challenged World - Peter Doherty

IOHC2018 Opening Remarks

IOHC2018 Tripartite Guidance: Taking One Health Approaches to Address Zoonotic Diseases in Countries: A “Glimmer of Hope” - Elizabeth Mumford

IOHC2018 Characterizing the interventions of the private sector extractive industries during the Ebola Virus disease crisis in West Africa - Susan Scribner

IOHC2018 Making One Health operational within the Caribbean Region - Chris Oura

IOHC2018 A decade of implementing One Health in Kenya: Translating research into practice - Meerjady Sabrina Flora

IOHC2018 A decade of implementing One Health in Kenya: Translating research into practice - Peninah Munyua

Implementing HPB in resource limited settings-Adrian Hill

Public health perspective of HPB vaccination-Johan Vekemans

Pros and cons of HPB vaccination-Matthias Kroll

Prime boost strategies for HIV vaccines-Glenda Gray

Prime boost strategies for bacterial vaccines-Camille Locht

Theoretical Basis and Need for HPB vaccination-David Masopust

Implementing HPB in paediatric settings-Katie Ewer

Implementation of Ebola HPB strategy-Valerie Oriol-Mathieu

HPB vaccination acceptance-Xavier Bosch-Capblanch