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WOHC2020 keynote lecture: The Next One Health Frontier

WOHC2020 keynote lecture SARS-CoV-2 entry into cells and its inhibition

WOHC2020 Surveillance of infectious diseases in humans, animals and plants session

WOHC2020 SPS One Health in practice in Greece

WOHC2020 Advances in vaccine technologies and their impact in underprivileged communities/populations session

WOHC2020 One health In sustainable food systems session

WOHC2020 Intervention strategies (diagnostics, vaccines, antivirals, antibodies and biological response modifiers)

WOHC2020 Pathogenesis and clinical manifestations session

WOHC2020 Policy interventions session

WOHC2020 Burden and impact of AMR session

Special Partner Session organized by the University of Edinburgh: A blueprint for a One Health nation - supported by SEFARI



IOHC18 Assessing the full economic value of vaccines in reducing AMR- Jonathan Rushton

IOHC18 Introducing emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases/The threat of Influenza Pandemic - Ab Osterhaus

IOHC18 Lessons learned from the H1N1 influenza pandemic: are we prepared for a new outbreak?- Theresa Tam

IOHC18 Avian Influenza Surveillance in Live Birds Markets in Thailand

IOHC2018 Challenges in Complexity: How Brucellosis Thrives in the Science-Policy Interface Space

IOHC18 Future Earth's Top Ten Challenges for One Health - Peter Daszak

IOHC18 The migration, climate change, and vector-borne disease nexus - Kanya C. Long

IOHC18 AMR containment and Prevention considering the Drivers of EID in Thailand- Suwit Wibulpolprasert

IOHC18 Communicating the evidence to policy makers and populations. Who is the right audience? - Mark Rweyemamu

IOHC18 Antimicrobial resistance: Canada's science and policy challenges - Aline Dimitri

IOHC18 The Nordic countries strategy for AMR:challenges at "high latitudes" for policy makers, scientists and society

IOHC18 WHO guidelines on use of medically important antimicrobials in food-producing animals - Scott McEwen

IOHC18 Trade Implications of Antimicrobial Resistance in the International Food Chain - Anna George

IOHC2018 First Nations of Canada and the One Health approach- Addie Pryce and Kevin McLeod

IOHC18 Africa CDC: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing One Health in Africa - Jay Varma

IOHC18 One Health, rabies response and more-than-human considerations in Indigenous communities in Northern Australia-Chris Degeling

IOHC18 Aligning Science and Policy in the Fight Against Emerging Infectious Threats -Craig Vanderwagen and Gerald Parker

IOHF19 opening statement- Dr Ogwell, Prof Osterhaus, Prof Mackenzie

IOHF19 Introduction of the Africa CDC Framework for National Public Health Institutes- Jay Varma

IOHF19 One Health Challenges of Zoonotic Diseases -Calvin Sindato

IOHF19 One Health, Challenges Zoonotic diseases -Irene Naigaga

IOHF19 Panel discussion: Framework for OH Practice in National Public Health Institutes: Zoonotic Disease Prevention and Control

International One Health Forum 2019 Conclusions and final remarks - Ab Osterhaus

Why is it important to test for COVID-19

IOHC2018 Quantifying the problem of antibiotic resistance - Jorgen Schlundt

IOHC2018 The role of diagnostics and viral vaccines in reducing antibiotic resistance - Jaap Wagenaar

IOHC2018The influenza case: a systematic literature review on the impact of influenza vaccination on antibiotic use - Ab Osterhaus

IOHC2018 Eradication of infectious diseases: past, present, future - Nick Juleff

IOHC2018 Strengthening global biological security - Trevor Smith

IOHC2018 Community-based surveillance for early detection of EID - Letrak Srikitjakarn and Esron Karimuribo

IOHC2018 Health emergency challenges from the animal health pharma perspective - Theo Kanellos

IOHC2018 Health emergency challenges from the human health pharma perspective - Brian Lesser

IOHC2018 Where we left off: main conclusions of the 2014 International meeting on the control of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases - Mike Ryan

IOHC2018 Combating Neglected Zoonotic Diseases at the human/animal interface: an overview - Ab Osterhaus

IOHC2018 Challenges and opportunities to preventing and responding to outbreaks of helminth/bacterial/viral infections in livestock - Vivek Kapur

IOHC2018 Need to acquire community support to implementing effective control programmes - Helen Scott-Orr

IOHC2018 New World Screwworm Eradication in South-Florida - A One Health Success Story - Lisa Conti

IOHC2018 Rift Valley Fever as a public health emergency - Amadou Sall

IOHC2018 Ebola: What went wrong and where do we go now? - Simon Mardel

IOHC2018 How can we improve global response strategies? - Patrick Drury

IOHC2018 Can Rabies be eradicated by 2030? - Waqas Ahmad

IOHC2018 The Long and Hard Road to Evidence-Based Policy - Bonnie Henry

IOHC2018 Antimicrobial Resistance and One Health solutions - Joergen Schlundt

IOHC2018 Weapons Threat Reduction Program​ - Trevor Smith

IOHC2018 Objectives and achievements of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency​ - Lance Brooks

IOHC2018 CORDS: Empowering Communities for the Containment of Infectious Outbreaks through a Global Multidisciplinary Collaboration between Regional Networks - Christophe Longuet

IOHC2018 The Global Health Security Agenda - Outi Kuivasniemi

IOHC2018 Biological Threats: a global perspective - Rebecca Katz

IOHC2018 Biological threat reduction strategies - Keith Hamilton

COVID-19 Pandemic: Where do we stand? - Prof. Ab Osterhaus

IOHC2018 Vaccination and antibiotic resistance in developing countries - Mishal Khan

IOHC2018 One Health for a Challenged World - Peter Doherty

IOHC2018 Opening Remarks

IOHC2018 Tripartite Guidance: Taking One Health Approaches to Address Zoonotic Diseases in Countries: A “Glimmer of Hope” - Elizabeth Mumford

IOHC2018 Characterizing the interventions of the private sector extractive industries during the Ebola Virus disease crisis in West Africa - Susan Scribner

IOHC2018 Making One Health operational within the Caribbean Region - Chris Oura

IOHC2018 A decade of implementing One Health in Kenya: Translating research into practice - Meerjady Sabrina Flora

IOHC2018 A decade of implementing One Health in Kenya: Translating research into practice - Peninah Munyua

5th International One Health Congress - impression

Implementing HPB in resource limited settings-Adrian Hill

Public health perspective of HPB vaccination-Johan Vekemans

Pros and cons of HPB vaccination-Matthias Kroll

Prime boost strategies for HIV vaccines-Glenda Gray

Prime boost strategies for bacterial vaccines-Camille Locht

Theoretical Basis and Need for HPB vaccination-David Masopust

Implementing HPB in paediatric settings-Katie Ewer

Implementation of Ebola HPB strategy-Valerie Oriol-Mathieu

HPB vaccination acceptance-Xavier Bosch-Capblanch