Our mission

The One Health Platform is a One Health Scientific Reference Network that aims to enhance understanding of and preparedness for current and future outbreaks of zoonoses, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in humans and animals and antimicrobial resistance. This includes the ecological and environmental factors which drive and impact on these diseases.

As a Scientific Reference Network, the Platform unites some of the best One Health science researchers and global experts in its Scientific Advisory Board.

In order to serve the community, the One Health Platform has built strategic alliances with industry through its Industry Advisory Board and its partners through the One Health Coalition. Ties with governments are being secured by the establishment of a Governments Group. They form an informal think tank to safeguard a true exchange of ideas, needs and information bridging science and policy. The Governments Group consists of government officials responsible for public health, animal health, environmental health, food safety and global health security. As such the Platform is a Strategic Forum of Stakeholders, with the aim of constructing connections across One Health Science and One Health Policy - safeguarding Global Health Security.

The One Health Platform strives to achieve gender equality in all internal committees, congress committees, events and projects.

“We stand for collaborative, multisectoral and transboundary approaches that tear down silos and enable interdisciplinary and multisectoral solutions to tackle major global health security challenges”