Bio Threats Scanning Group

Top experts from different One Health Science disciplines are dedicated to connect One Health Science and Global Health Security Policy. Their exceptional expertise will safeguard consistent attention for global health security throughout the programmes of the 6th World One Health Congress in Edinburgh (14-18 June 2020).

Rebecca Katz
Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University, USA
Linfa Wang
Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
William B. Karesh
EcoHealth Alliance
John Mackenzie

Curtin University, Australia, Co-founder One Health Platform Foundation, Co-chair 6th World One Health Congress

Ab Osterhaus

RIZ Hannover, Germany, Co-founder One Health Platform Foundation, Co-chair 6th World One Health Congress

Maurizio Barbeschi
Health and Security Interface, World Health Organization
Geoffrey L. Smith
University of Cambridge, UK
George Gao

Director-General CDC China

Ron Fouchier
Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Thomas V. Inglesby
Director, Johns Hopkins SPH Center for Health Security, USA

“Help predict potential biological events that could impact on public health security in the future"